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Christophe Ozcan's feedback following his visit to Credits office

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  • Christophe Ozcan's feedback following his visit to Credits office

    Hello peeps! Yesterday, Christophe Ozcan (Credits Advisor) published article about his visit to Credits office in Moscow.
    Let's see...

    What was my work during the visit ?

    Unfortunately for me I didn’t make much tourism there, to be honest only a restaurant and some pictures on the famous Red place.

    However, to appease you I enjoyed my time on a more constructive way by working with the team on the following topics:

    A. IT Development & Process

    My first work shop session begun with the CTO Deputy Konstantinos who is mainly in charge of technical process management. We have discussed about development project management subject. He gave me a lot of inputs and show me UML schemes describing the CREDITS project management currently in place (requirements, specifications, tests, corrections, defects, releases, documentations …).

    Basically, the project management chosen to build such a new revolutionary Blockchain system with all promises in term of transactions speeds/costs, security, decentralization, smart contract and governance features based on V-Model software development cycle. It is the longest IT development model to build a software contrary to agile or scrum model that others Blockchain competitors execute. However, it’s stay the most suitable model to develop sustainable complex IT system.

    CREDITS team has decided to achieve their promises using a well-known IT development process.

    Konstantinos has an important background on IT project management. I’m confident about his capacity to drive the future development of CREDITStechnology.

    It was very interesting for me to discuss and share my thoughts regarding my past experienced on V-Model project within PSA PEUGEOT CITROENautomotive company.

    B. Consensus staking algorithm and TPS stage

    My second meeting was with the CTO himself Eugeniy Butyaev to discuss some new improvements regarding the consensus algorithm in term of governance, staking rewards and decentralization.

    The staking algorithm has a crucial role in CREDITS consensus to incentivize participants running a node to contribute on the decentralization and on the robustness of the network. All information regarding this will be give by the team but I can confirm you that the CTO take care about CREDITS decentralization.

    Moreover, we have also talk about audit reports which are ongoing by FPcomplete and Red4sec. The first one is in charge to give a full audit report regarding the project management of the CREDITS development and about technical choices (IT programming language chosen, Architecture and so forth). The scope of the second one is focused on quality and security of the entire code source.

    Each of them has an important role for CREDTIS technology. Their respective feedbacks will allow to improve the protocol before public mainnet. Both of them will be published by CREDITS team.

    The last topic was about the most wanted “TPS STRESS TEST” wait by thecommunity and all competitors. As you probably know the CREDITS team selected 160 private testers to conduct qualifications tests few months ago. All of them have done a very well job, thanks for this, by running nodes to test within their own environment some features (CPU & RAM consumption, broadcasting transactions, synchronization of the ledger, consensus test …). Moreover they provided bugs reports with sometimes their own recommendations or corrections. CREDITS is probably proud to have such a community.

    During this first test period some testers have developed TPS Generators(Xela and Dil P) to stress test the network. Those tools are very useful for CREDITS team to improve nodes capabilities. TPS Generators will be probably used to provide publicly throughput value by involving the community.

    I would like to thank all CREDITS team member to have welcomed and provided me all the requested information. It was quick but intense to meet you IRL .

    To finish a big thank to Igor Chugunov and Eugeniy Butyaev who are working hard every day to make CREDITS the next blockchain generation.

    The future is coming fast …

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    Do you have any social media partners who can create more HYPE around CREDITS. It will be smart move before stress test. Good luck in advance.


    • MDiffenbakh
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      Editing a comment
      For these purposes we are planning to engage KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and Credits advisors to take part in the testing process. Also recommend you to check section "Media about us" on the CREDITS website -