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  • All about Credits coins

    What is CREDITS coin?

    CREDITS coins (tokens) is the inner cryptocurrency used in the Credits platform. Tokens used in the system correspond to the standard ERC 20. ERC 20 is the standard for the token based on the Etherium.

    How to buy CS coins?

    Purchase of tokens is carried out by transfer ETH. Bargain carried out by means of the three simple steps in the Myetherwallet. Use proven and recommended ways to access your wallet (for example, Meta Mask/ Mist) To read more: Credits (Currency) You can buy tokens via cryptocurrency exchanges. For example, on KuCoin. KuCoin is Hong-Kong cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy CS tokens. For more information, read here: How to buy CS tokens via KuCoin

    How to create your own token?

    This item is under construction.

    How to add your own token?

    This item is under construction.

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    Hi. What is main purpose of CS token? and how its use will affect token value in future?


    • MDiffenbakh
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      Examples of CS coin usage

      1. Payment for the smart contract creation
      2. Performing operations on smart contracts
      3. Adding information on the operation to blockchain
      4. Payment for the transfer of CREDITS cryptocurrency between the platform participants
      5. Purchase of information from third-party sources for services within the system (the use of oracles)
      6. For operations on the exchange of different currencies within the system
      7. Fee for the transfer of tokens created on the CREDITS platform

      The start of the platform functioning and development of ecosystem with a large amount of partners will cause a constant demand for the company's token and accordingly increase its value, the entire market has an impact on the overall course of business as well